The Fight

Transformation into Hope – because we believe that every single victim who has been rescued or has successfully escaped trafficking, when given the space, time and loving care that he/she needs to heal, then he/she will in turn become a beacon of hope for others in his/her environment, and an inspiration for all.

Focused on The fight against human trafficking is usually divided into 4 different categories. Here in Parinama Astha (ParTha), we have:

  • Prevention (awareness raising and partnership)
  • Interception (field outreach and rescue)
  • Prosecution (court-case handling)
  • Re-integration (rehabilitation, training, employment)


Every single aspect in the fight against human trafficking is integral and important, but prevention is one of the most crucial. We stand by the principle that it is better to prevent than to heal.

We can never do enough to raise awareness about this issue. If people do not know about the problem, then they will not care about it; much less do anything about it. Knowledge is key.

Human Trafficking is a crosscutting issue. We need to look at the root causes of the problem, which can range from poverty to degradation of value to pure evil. Partnership with other organizations to create a network of networks is important, but awareness and initiative by individuals such as yourself cannot be overlooked. Partnership also includes working hand in hand with other organizations that through their own vision and mission decrease the number of potential victims or help survivors get justice by putting a case against their perpetrators, for example. 


Human trafficking has 3 aspects to it: Act, Means, and Purpose. Interception deals mainly with the ACT of trafficking, whether it is recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring and/or receipt of victims. We all need to be the eyes and ears wherever we are planted. We never know when or where we might encounter a case of trafficking and/or a person who might need to be rescued. Although it is possible to do an interception on our own, it is highly recommended for any individual to report suspicious activities to the authorities and make sure that the report is followed through.

Please be reminded that human trafficking is an organized crime and whoever is involved in this crime would most likely be linked with a bigger organization, and so we remind everyone to take cautionary steps, especially in the interception of a victim.


The healing process for each survivor, most of the time, involves putting his/her trafficker(s) behind bars. In quite a few cases, the perpetrators are those closest to the victim. We need to remind ourselves that nobody is exempt from the law and that nobody has a right to take away a person/child’s freedom, not even his/her own parents.  Partnership with the Bar Association and the local attorneys is crucial for this step.


In order for victims to be able to turn into survivors, or as those of us in ParTha say it: “for victims to go through transformation into hope for others,” we need an all-round, wholesome, and holistic approach. Victims not only need to heal physically, but also mentally and spiritually. They need counseling, friendship, mentorship, encouragement, and in some cases, a structured and positive discipline.

Steps for a successful re-integration into communities as contributing members of society then follow the rehabilitation process.

Some of them would be tempted to go back to being trafficked because either it is the only thing they’ve ever known or it is the only way they know how to make money, since some of them are uneducated.  Education, training and empowerment are key elements in the re-integration process.

It is also important for us to partner with businesses of integrity that will offer the opportunity for training and/or the potential of future employment.  

For more information on how to get involved in a real way, click here , get more knowledge about the issue by researching it and/or contact us